Catering For Events

Catering services in Cabo San Lucas & San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos, Mexico

Cabo Catering provides event catering services in Cabo to private clients and Corporate in Los Cabos area and East Cape. Whether it’s a cocktail reception, pool parties, Christmas or New year’s Celebration, birthdays, bachelor parties, or any social party in Cabo!, You will have an amazing time with our friendly staff be prepared for great food and excellent Catering service in Cabo San Lucas or San Jose.

We offer a complete catering service in Los Cabos which includes event planning, equipment rentals and wait staff.

We prepared and cook in our Kitchen and just finalize little details once in the event so you can have all fresh and delicious meals.

We have set menus special for Groups and Events in Cabo, from Hors d’oeuvres, Breakfast, Lunch, Brunch, and Dinner!

We can help you planning all the little details with our catering services in Cabo, such as rental equipment, flower decoration, logistic and more!

Call us to start preparing your special Event in Los Cabos!

Check our Cabo catering menu for Events

Catering for Villas

Villa catering Cabo San Lucas & San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos, Mexico.

Let’s imagine you want to take a dozen friends out for dinner in Cabo at your favorite restaurant..

How much will that set you back financially? Well, we can give you a nice and fun  alternative: hire one of our private professional Cabo Chefs ! We will provide you a gourmet experience right in your Villa or Condo in Cabo, San José del Cabo or East Cape..

You’re providing the wine and drinks (so saving a small fortune there alone as – mark-ups on alcohol in top restaurants are notoriously high) and have the pleasure and security of having your own private chef cooking for you and your friends and family in the privacy of  your Villa

We have designed special price per person Menus with the best selection of international and mexican dishes, an easy process and amazing experience. You can couple the service with a butler, waiter or bartender staff.

We offer Breakfast, Lunch and dinner menus. Starting at 55 dlls per person for a minimum of 4 people. Our price includes, Chef staff, food, cooking and cleaning.

Enjoy a special evening by our professional catering in Los Cabos, Mexico.


Cabo Catering offers personal Cabo Butler and Catering in Private Villas or Condos for assisting guests in any way possible. Your villa will always be perfectly maintained. Send us a list with your food preferences.

Dinner Services

OPTIONSUp to 10 peopleMore than 10 people
Mexican and Italian$55.00 USD$50.00 USD
International$65.00 USD$60.00 USD
Seafood $75.00 USD $70.00 USD

Note: In case of ordering Lobster, the price goes up to $80.00 USD per person.

Prices Include:

  • Ingredients
  • Meal prepared by a professional chef in your own kitchen
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • 2 Appetizers before people sit at the table
  • First entrees: Salad or Soup
  • Main course
  • Dessert
Waiter is added above 6 people


Lunch Services

OPTIONSUp to 8 peopleMore than 8 people
Mexican and Italian$34 USD$28 USD
International$35 USD$30 USD

Prices Include:

  • Ingredients
  • Meal prepared by a professional chef in your own kitchen
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Main course
  • Dessert

Waiter is added above 6 people


Breakfast Services

OPTIONSUp to 8 peopleMore than 8 people
Mexican and Traditional$22 USD$18 USD
International$32 USD$26 USD

Prices Include:

  • Ingredients
  • Meal prepared by a professional chef in your own kitchen
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Main dish

Waiter is added above 6 people

All prices are per person, 4 person minimum (taxes & gratuities not included).

Chef Packages

Banquet table, selective focus, canon 1Ds mark III

Cabo Chef Services

Cabo San Lucas & San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos, Mexico.

Enjoy having a Personal Chef in Cabo or Cook right in your Villa or Condo in any place around Los Cabos!!

So you don’t have to worry about breakfast, lunch or brunch!! And you will notice that any catering service in Cabo is almost the same price that if you go to a restaurant BUT with the advantage that your Personal Cabo Chef is right next to you and you can be sure that the meals are going to be ready at the exact moment and with 100% personal attention!

If you have kids he will prepare something fun and nutritional for them and for sure they will ask for more!!

Here in Cabo is a very special service, and if want a more casual service hire a Cabo Cook.

And what about a Fancy dinner, your Chef in Cabo can prepare a Taco Party for you and your friends or family or a Surf and Turf dinner, everything you want you will have it!

All clearing and cleaning is done before we leave. Any excess food is packed and stored in the freezer for an easy lunch the following day. You can hire a private chef in Cabo to be yours for the day, the weekend or longer.

Makes the perfect gift or prize. Have a wonderful Summer Celebration where you too can enjoy the fun. No mess, no fuss, no work for you.

Just enjoy and take all the compliments…we work in the background unless asked to demonstrate cooking techniques.

Try the best Mexican and International dishes, with our special Cabo packages of Chefs and Cooks in Cabo you will enjoy the taste of México. Our staff buys, cooks and cleans for you. Price is for service only, Groceries are not included 15% shopping fee. Les us provide you with professional Cabo Chef services.


ALL 3 MEALS$270 USD$320 USD$410 USD

Butler Services

Cabo Butler Services

Cabo San Lucas & San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos, Mexico

Cabo Catering is offering Personal Cabo Butler services in top villas in Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo and East Cape area, to assist guests in any way possible around the clock. In addition to making sure your villa is always perfectly maintained and serving you a welcome drink on arrival, these well-educated gentlemen will help you to:

  • Offer to unpack luggage
  • Tidy your wardrobe
  • Plan your meals according to your preferences and instruct your villa cook accordingly
  • Stock your refrigerator with wines and other beverages of your choice and/or special delicacies your request
  • Supervise groceries shopping and control of expenditure,
  • Supervise table settings and timely service during your meals
  • Schedule and arrange your spa and/or beauty treatments
  • Arrange events or parties in your villa, including musicians, private dance performances, photographer etc. if required
  • Recommend and arrange tours and activities available in Cabo and give instructions to your driver
  • Make restaurant reservations if you wish to eat out
  • Take care of cleaning, pressing or repair of your clothes
  • Reconfirm or book your departure flights
  • Help pack your luggage or items you bought in Cabo
  • Escort you to the transportation
  • Present your account in advance of check out
  • Check your Villa for any items you might have forgotten

If there is anything else you need assistance with during your stay, just let your butler know and he will be happy to help! If not present when needed, you can call his cell phone at ANY time.

Butler FULL DAY ( 12 hours ) 242 dlls
Butler HALF DAY ( 8 hours) 197 dlls
Extra hour Butler 25 dlls

Gratuity and taxes are not included

Waiters and Bartenders


Cabo Waiters and Bartenders in Los cabos area

Cabo San Lucas & San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos, Mexico

Cabo Catering offers Cabo waiters and bartenders in private villas or condos and you can couple it with catering and Chef services, they will make your vacation so enjoyable you won’t regret it! For your special dinner in Cabo or just to have someone to take care of you in a pool party! Enjoy our famous Mango margaritas, Piñas coladas and Mojitos! And for your kids special smoothies and shakes!.

Highly recommended to have the Waiter and/or Bartender because your Chef in Cabo is going to be very busy cooking and decorating the food for you, and while he does that, they can be making drinks for you and setting a very nice table, so everything will be just perfect!

We also have dozens of waiters and bartenders for a night of cocktails, weddings, events and any other celebration in Los Cabos!

Waiter and Bartender:

  • Set up the table.
  • Serve the dishes to the clients.
  • Serve the drinks to the clients.
  • Clean up the table.
  • Put all the dishes in the sink.
  • Wash the glasses and cups.
  • Put all the glasses in their correct place.
  • Put the napkins in the laundry room

Personal Bartender:

  • Make drinks.
  • Serve the dishes to the clients.
  • Clean up the table.
  • Wash the glasses and cups.
  • Put all the glasses in their correct place.
  • Put the napkins in the laundry room.

Price: 20 dlls per hr

Note. A waiter or bartender is minimum 3 hours required.


Over 6,271 customers trust us worldwide.

We take pride in our interdisciplinary approach in cooking delicious, beautiful dishes that delights and delivers results.

Dear Cabo Catering,
Many thanks for the beautiful food and wonderful service for our order on May 31, 2016. Our organization was celebrating th egrand re-oopening of a nonprofit library in downtown Cabo and we had many people from local government, nonprofits, and businesses in attendance.

Sara Walkup, Executive Assistant

Thank you very much for the wonderful lunch that you catered yesterday for the Edna Brewer staff. Everyone I talked to LOVED the food. One vegetarian teacher said that, of all the catered events she's ever attended, yours had the best selection fo a vegetarian like her. And several folks commented on the scrumptious cinnamon chips with strawberry salsa - to die for!!

Regards, Pat.

We had another wonderful holiday party yesterday, thanks in large part to your outstanding efforts. The platters looked incredible (I took many pictures or just the platters themselves) and tasted devine! I will never understand how you do it, but I hope to enjoy the result for many more years.

Gail, Ellen, Kat, and everyone in the Life Sciences

Spa Services


Cabo Spa Services

Cabo San Lucas & San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos, Mexico

Try an amazing Cabo massage service right in your private villa , condo or hotel in Cabo and forget about everything!! You can experience a sensational Sport, Swedish, Aromatherapy or a Reflexology massage with our professional masseuses that will provide an outstanding service, your Cabo Spa services by Cabo Catering.


Highly stimulating treatment designed to gently exfoliate dead skin cells from the body. 45 min. $ 70 usd.

BODY WRAP (seaweed)

A body masque is applied, consisting of healing and regenerative properties designed to restore body tone and eliminate cellulites. 1 hr $ 50 usd

BODY WRAP (clay mud)

A body massage is applied, it consists of healing and regenerative properties designed to promote and stimulate the circulatory system and oxygenation of the skin, including detoxification of the body. 1 hr $ 110 usd


Radiant deep cleansing penetrating and rejuvenating with make-up, it includes neck and shoulders massage. 1 hr $90 usd


45 min $ 50 usd


45 min $ 40 usd


Experience the highest level of relaxation with a hot healing technique utilizing several unique massage therapies. 1 hr $160 usd


Performed by two highly experienced therapist utilizing techniques designed to stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Includes yoga bodystretching. 1 hr $170 usd


This therapy is uniquely designed to treat the sportsmen utilizing healing techniques to promote the release of chronic or recurring muscle tension. 1 hr $ 95 usd


Experience a soothing and relaxing treatment designed for the relief of stress and provide renewed vigor and vitality. 1 hrs $90 usd


This therapy is designed to stimulate and balance the body´s natural energy utilizing strategically applied essential oils. 1 hr $ 90 usd


This therapy is designed to stimulate the reflexive points of the hands and feet through pressure hand massage techniques.

About Us



Cabo Catering is a full service catering company where we create custom menus and décor to fit each client’s unique taste and budget.

We strive to ensure the complete satisfaction of every customer by offering professional and friendly service through our fresh vibrant presentations.

Cabo Catering has provided delectable culinary delights to the Cabo Area since the mid 2000’s. The founder and owner of Cabo Catering, Manuel Brown, started Cabo Catering in Cabo San Lucas with much success.


We take the ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary.

From our CEO to our Chefs, to our Event Designers, we cover a multitude of countries and flavors. It is clearly demonstrated in our menus and our taste. 

Whether you’re planning a social or corporate gathering that calls for attention to detail, a Mitzvah at temple, a wedding reception, board luncheon, a charitable gala, or a quinceañera; our catering coordinators will help you create a menu to reflect your own unique style and please your guests.


Tell us what you think about our web site, our services, our company or anything you may have in mind. We appreciate all your comments.

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