Chef Packages

Bon Appétit!

We have very nice menus that you can enjoy when you are having a sunny holiday in Los Cabos, very recommended when you are staying in a villa or condo and want to have a trustful company taking care of all your meals.

Our chefs are well-trained in the best Culinary schools and have years of experience in the tourist industry, so we will offer you very nice menus that includes appetizers, soup or salad, main dish and dessert.

Do you have kids? No worries, we will design something fun and nutritional for them, we also can accommodate your food preferences or allergies like gluten free menus, no dairy products menus, kosher food and more!

Special Chef Packages

Up to 6 people
Up to 10 people
Up to 15 people
Breakfast and Lunch
$150.00 USD
$180.00 USD
$260.00 USD
Breakfast and Dinner
$210.00 USD
$240.00 USD
$310.00 USD
Lunch and Dinner
$210.00 USD
$240.00 USD
$310.00 USD
All 3 Meals
$270.00 USD
$320.00 USD
$410.00 USD

You can also have one of our Chef packages that basically is to book a chef + groceries (we do the shopping in different stores depending what you want and we charge 20% shopping fee.) With this option you can design personally with your chef all your menus, our packages give you the opportunity to be creative and plan with the Chef based on your food preferences.

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